*FFA Page Secrets Revealed
It is a little known fact, but it is far better to HOST an FFA Page than to POST to it. Just think about it. When
you post to a FR^EE-For-All (FFA) site, you have a one line description of your site along with a mixed bag of
hundreds of other links. What is worse is that the many FFA sites are never seen by human eyes. In an effort
to make better use of time, most people like yourself are using submission software or services. All you end
up with is a mailbox full of confirmation letters.
Now we get to some of the good stuff!
When you host a FFA page on the FFANET FFA network, you will receive hundreds of posts to your page
each day. Every time someone posts a link to your page, a comfirmation/sales message from you is
automatically sent to them.
Unlike other FFA networks, FFANET requires people to "validate" their e-mail before they can post to the
FFANET.  What happens is a special code is sent to their email address, along with instructions. If the person
is using an autoresponder or a fake e-mail, they will never get the "validation message", and as a result, will
not be able to post. This simple method dramatically improves the chances of someone actually reading your
message. The validation also only last for one week, which cuts down on the number of mailbox full
messages you will receive.
You can sign up for FR^EE! You heard me correctly, you can get started today without having to spend a
You will instantly get a FFA page and your personalized sales/confirmation message will automatically
start going out. You can also put one banner on your page.  Go Here to Get Your FR^EE FFA NOW!
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