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Relationship Marketing -- build an online family.
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Just as families have "relations", relatives, so do successful e-commerce businesses.  It is those marketing
relationships which will explode your business and guide you to increasing your income online.  It does not matter
what business or online activity you are engaged, your best marketing and most attentive audience will be with
the people you have build solid relationships and satisfactory business dealings.

Enlisting business partners or buyers is a crucial part of running your business.  In business and professions it is
often called "networking", online I prefer to think of it as relationship marketing.  You can only increase the
effectiveness of your programs and projects by having a "built in" market for your efforts.  Networking gives you
connections, relationship marketing builds your customer base and affiliates to continue your marketing enterprise.

Every profitable business requires customer and client referrals to build.  
 Every sales person needs "birddogs"
or people pointing to their products and services.
 You too need, if you are to succeed with your e-commerce
business, the connections of lots of effective bridges to others through "birddogs".   Take care of your marketing
relationships, continue to build networking connections and keep your "birddogs" full of thanks and rewards.
This will keep your bank account bursting with deposits.

Joint ventures for solid, detailed business operations and projects are more of a contractual relationship worth the
effort. Marketing relationships are built on trust with past confidence and success.   Succeeding with building your
customer base with contacts and filling your portfolio or storage folder with solid marketing relations will translate
into higher profits.                      

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