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Setting up the web site for a business is really the easy task.
The real work begins to make use of the web presence and deliver profitable business from the site. Getting prospects
to the web site and making use of the Internet for extending business success is the next order of the day. The web
page and the Internet has the unique ability to handle prospects not only 24 hours a day, seven days a week but can
effectively sell and take orders from a massive number of customers at the same time.  
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Electronic Commerce to Expand the Smallest Business
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Once you have made a contact the real work begins.
Is selling or building a relationship the most important?
The Internet allows the gathering of a sale here and there, but the development of
real and useful listing of clients is yet another task. The objective should be selling
a product or service online.
But wait, how much did that sale or contact cost?
A plan for repeat business and building a relationship for future profits is in order.
Finding prospects and turning them into customers and then developing a long term
client relationship will take time, but a lot less money than our original investment
in the first sale.
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